Hi! I’m Kenia…

Please, have a seat. I’ll make this snappy.

Forty hours out of the week, I’m an engineer contemplating the doings of boxes that fly through space (sounds fancy schmancy huh?). Outside of that, I’m a writer and a nutrition nut. I scour articles, podcasts, news, studies, and the blogosphere for the latest on nutrition information. Why? Fun. That’s right. I’m an über nerd who’s obsessed, fascinated, and passionate about nutrition as it relates to longevity & holistic health.

I live in Southern California with my husband, spending weekends with great friends, riding motorcycles, sailing, camping…you name it, we’re a pretty active couple. And also (surprise!), I love food. A lot. You will be my best friend if you feed me. Especially cheese & crab legs…although not usually together. That’d just be weird.

Finally, I’d like to say Thank You for visiting! In this fast-paced world, I appreciate holding your short attention span valuable attention for even just the 43.7 seconds it took for you to read this. Enjoy the site, and please don’t hesitate to reach out.